Helpful Information

Debate Philosophy

Judging criteria based on stock issues: Topicality – Inherency – Significance – Solvency

Extensive judge training to build an experienced judge pool. Debate judging based on stock issues; IE judging on specific speaking criteria.

Membership Fees

$20.00 per family before January 1 of the competition year
$25.00 per family after January 1 of the competition year
$30.00 per family paid at first tournament participation of the competition year

Parental Involvement

Families are expected to make every effort to have at least one parent present at all CCofSE events in which their child(ren) compete.

Student Participation

All participants must be within the age categories specific to the event below by January 1 of the Speech & Debate season for all 2-Day CCofSE Tournaments.


  • Juniors (JR): Ages 5-8
  • Junior Varsity (JV): Ages 9-12
  • Varsity: Ages 13-18


  • Public Forum: Ages 12-13 (14 year-olds with coach approval)
  • Team Policy: Ages 14-18

Participation Eligibility

Qualified competitors must be homeschool students whose education is managed by their parents or legal guardians. A qualified competitor’s education may include the use of tutors, video courses, Internet courses, college correspondence, online or campus courses, classes in cooperation with other home school students, and other creative methods that supplement home education.

Recording or Videotaping

Recording or videotaping any or all of a debate or speech round is allowed only with the permission of all participants.

Speech and Debate